Terms and coditions




# BALIPROJECTSTUDIO is a company registered in the Indonesian government under the name of U.D. ALERATNI


# Study of Tropical Architecture, 3D design, interior design, landscaping and decoration in Indonesia. 


# We provide a professional and business online service for customers who want to manufacture in Indonesia. Advising the CLIENT which is the best Manufacturing option. To bring to a successful end the project that THE CLIENT demands and above all seriousness and guarantee,


#We work as, handmade, on demand, order, project in view of the CLIENT, contract. Etc. 


# There is no minimum order per unit, but the minimum quantity to contract is a container of 20 feet. 


#Our service is door to door: Manufactures goods in Indonesia to the CLIENT’s business worldwide.


# THE CUSTOMER has to import the merchandise demanded by exporter U.D. ALERATNI


# The customer order would never leave Indonesia territory without being paid the total amount.


# THE CUSTOMER will be promptly informed of the entire production and shipping process.


#Custom service with the customer. 


#We are the eyes of the CLIENT in Indonesia ….. who is in the other part of the world.




# It is obvious that for the goods to arrive in conditions. THE CLIENT has to hire a professional.

# The company U.D. ALERATNI as consultant for manufacturing, production logistics and export of manufactured goods from Indonesia … is not responsible under any circumstances for any incident of the merchandise in the different phases and shipping.   For this reason, THE CUSTOMER hast to request a manufacturing/production insurance, documents and service. A quality control service, laboratory tester, international freight of container shipping by ship insurance. Therefore, THE CUSTOMER may claim the incident to the supplier in Indonesia  or to the international operator that is responsible of the merchandise.


#  U.D. ALERATNI is an intermediate company between two parties. It is not the manufacturer/supplier. It is not an Insurance company. It is not Customs or a Customs agent.


U.D. ALERATNI is not responsible under any circumstances, because it is not its responsibility


# U.D. ALERATNI can assist the CLIENT in Indonesia in resolving the incident with suppliers and manufacturers in this Country.    


About us


U.D. ALERATNI is a production and manufacturing company; Custom, on request, project in view of the client, demand and design. A company based on the island of Bali, Indonesia. For more than 18 years experience




# U.D. ALERATNI has the capacity to produce and develop projects in the area:  

Furniture / furniture IN / OUT all styles and trends – IN / OUT decoration – Gazebos and tropical wood houses – Construction materials – Textile – Chill out.  

Green architectural design. Tropical manufactured. Sustainable building materials. Architectural Design and Interior Design. Eco-luxury and design. Manufactured antique, recycled and organic. Eco friendly. Export of manufactured goods from Indonesia. Etc.   Business in Bali.


# We work ON REQUEST, made to measure, on project and idea of ​​the CLIENT , demand, contract. Briefing and minimum container 20 feet. 


# We manufacture more than 40,000 production items. With more than 200 suppliers in Indonesia. Artisanal or semi-industrial production and manufacturing with natural, eco-friendly, 100% recycled, sustainable, organic materials, legal tropical woods from Indonesian plantations. With government certificate of origin and FSC international legal timber certificate. And the rest of merchandise with certificate of origin and others. We do not manufacture with illegal or theft raw materials. 


# We work with suppliers who hire workers with living wages. And the best quality / price ratio. 


# We do not work with suppliers who hire children or slaves and buy raw material from illegal logging or theft.


# Direct suppliers for: Hotel. Professionals. Private large purchases. Wholesalers and retailers. Intermediation companies. Hospitality, Promoters. Contract. Etc. 




THE CLIENT has to inform of the situation. All pros and cons before taking the decision of making the ORDER.


U.D. ALERATNI gives you an advisory, information and logistics service to the CLIENT. 


The CLIENT has the commitment and the duty to contract: An insurance or guarantee of manufacture / production in Indonesia. A quality control company and merchandise tester in Indonesia. Freight and merchandise insurance for shipping by containerized ship. Or any other agent it deems appropriate. Cost to be borne by the CLIENT .  So that you can claim any incident in the merchandise to the operators. 


U.D. ALERATNI is not responsible under any circumstances, because it is not its responsibility. 


Import / Export 


The CLIENT has to import the merchandise he hires. You need to present a form issued by the customs of the country that requires it.

Both parties are governed by commercial import and export agreements between both countries.



In any import / export operation there are at least 4 operators and two customs.


In Indonesia.  


Advise, organize and supervise your manufacturing / production with Indonesian suppliers.


Customs, cargo., Container documents in Indonesia. 


Quality control, merchandise laboratory tester, production monitoring. Production logistics.



# According to the import regulations in different countries.

# The customer has to take out a guarantee insurance for the production of the goods in Indonesia.  


Worldwide shipping;

# International Forwarder.   

+ International freight by ship 

+ Import + customs clerk + VAT payments.

+ Delivered  door to door to the client’s business in the world 

# Insurance of merchandise and freight

The client has to contract insurance for the merchandise in the container and freight by ship.    

Note : The costs in Euro or dollars are estimated because we invoice in IDR / Rupiah (Indonesian currency) and it is not possible to predict what the change will be at the time of the order and at the end of the order. What is the total lead time for manufacturing and cargo.  





THE CUSTOMER has to present his ante / project at sight, manufacturing list or

purchase. list of needs. Briefing. manufacturing line . Production design. Etc. 

This must be accompanied by drawings, plans, reference photos, your preliminary draft,

etc. With the appropriate notes and observations, style, description, measurements, finish,

quantity, etc. Everything you need to make a first quote for the merchandise 

and the blueprint.  

We advise, inform and help you in the development of the order list or draft. For your quotation THE CLIENT  will have to send us this list to the E-mail:  info@baliprojectstudio.com   –    baliprojectstudio@gmail.com




U.D. ALERATNI will make a quotation for these items (FOB Indonesia price) where they will specify: Photo, quantity, description, material, volume (cubic meters of the item) unit price, total price. Currency exchange. And optional or additional information if necessary. 



” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ‘ ´     

Quantity Code Description Measures      Material Volume    Price FOB IDR Rupiah     Total FOB Rupiah           1$Usd=12,500 Rp

     2        q15   Bed frame   200×200 cm   teak     0.400 m3   IDR 4,500,000 Rupiah    IDR 9,000,000 Rupiah            720 $

Included. Headboard and 2 bedside tables 30x30x45 Cm and floor bed frame with slats.

Not included. Floor bed x tables, mattress, Other elements photo. 

Note: The bed frame is shipped unassembled.





# They are FOB the merchandise in Factory in Indonesia. Marked by the Indonesian company. 

U.D. ALERATNI Our prices are not binding and may vary depending on the quotations of the currency and other factors of production, manufacture, or rise of the natural raw materials with which we work.

# The final CIF cost. It is a % more of the FOB price.   And it will be offered by the other operators of the order (local charge, customs and export in Indonesia, international freight of the container by ship, Import and customs at destination, insurance, etc.) if it varies according to: Project, container volume, final destination, cost of the merchandise, import taxes in the destination countries and other factors.

# A grand total estimate of the final CIF price of the merchandise at the CLIENT’s destination.






The same document (after changes agreed by both parties) for the quotation approved by THE CLIENT will be same MANUFACTURING ORDER CONTRACT.


The manufacturing order contract and budget document itself approved by THE CLIENT with the Indonesian company UD. ALERATNI  It would be also the contract for the manufacture of the merchandise with Indonesian suppliers.     




# THE CLIENT has his time to make the decisions that he considers appropriate for the list of  production and manufacturing line, design. Etc.  


# THE CUSTOMER has to take into account that Indonesian suppliers and manufacturers need their time to manufacture the demanded. The goods are handmade by artisans and may take time to process them.


# Once the 50% deposit of the merchandise has been made and the contract and manufacturing order closed. and start of production. THE CUSTOMER may have some doubts about the decisions he has made or make changes to the order. U.D. ALERATNI will be taken into account But the    

costs of these new decisions on the merchandise already contracted will be paid by the CLIENT   


# Annexes to the order / order to the contract already closed, which were left in the inkwell and to close the 

volume of occupation of the merchandise in the container. They are well received.


# We do not want and we admit last minute rush of the CLIENT . As they say in slang and clearer than anything. Have you come before, to place the order….


 # The estimated manufacturing time of the production of the merchandise is reflected in the contract and order / order of manufacture of the merchandise. And it may vary without prior notice, due to uncontrolled incidents. 


# U.D. ALERATNI Under no circumstances does it assume its costs, its loss of time in manufacturing,  

Completion of the order, the new changes made by THE CLIENT will be quoted and paid Which will be included in an annex to the order / order or contract. The deposit is not returned. Any assumption will be borne by the CLIENT . 


# THE CUSTOMER upon arrival of the container at destination, could have + doubts, or I have not asked for this or the color of the Item, was not appropriate. Or incidents in the shipment by ship. Or in the container. The  

merchandise has arrived in poor condition OR any other assumption. It does not give place. To none

Claim, since it has been made in the development of the project, in the manufacture and before 

Get out the merchandise: A purchase advice. A Production Logistics. A tracing

of the production. A quality control. A laboratory tester of the merchandise. An insurance of the merchandise. And timely information on the entire process. The OK of the CLIENT. Everything necessary to successfully complete the production demanded by the client in Indonesia. And before the merchandise leaves.  


U.D. ALERATNI is not responsible under any circumstances, because it is not its responsibility. It is not a manufacturer. It is not insurance. It is not a provider. It is not a shipping company. It is not a Customs. He is not a customs clerk. Etc . THE CLIENT can claim the provider or operator to the insurance or to whom it is competent.    




It is by container of merchandise manufactured or produced.



Upon acceptance of the order / order to manufacture the merchandise and the budget presented by 


THE CUSTOMER has to enter 50% of the value of the contracted merchandise. For the start of production.  



After quality control and before the merchandise leaves Indonesia. And the CLIENT’s  APPROVAL 

50% of the contracted merchandise.  


# In both cases Bank transfer of the company in Indonesia. UD ALERATNI

The cost of the transfer is paid by the client.


# The import / export payment format is governed by international trade agreements between countries. 




# For large orders of + a 40 feet or several 20 feet. Payment guarantee deposit by the CLIENT.  

Estimated in a value of the merchandise of a container. 




# If the cancellation is made at the beginning of production and after the signing and acceptance of the Manufacturing order, the deposit is not returned. 


# If the cancellation is made at the end of production, the customer has to pay the full balance of the 


# For large orders of + a 40 feet or several 20 feet 

It will be charged off the payment guarantee deposit. 




# The production of the order begins once the deposit of 50% of the value of the merchandise is received and its manufacturing delay is at least 40 days and depends on many factors:

The m3 volume of merchandise. The contracted Production phases. The quantity and type of merchandise, the 

month of the year in which the order is produced, (there are months when factories have more work than

others), Factory waiting list. The manufacturing process of the merchandise, the time of manufacture of the article, the processing of the materials, the drying of the wood, etc. Other causes of the project or exceptional,

 # The CUSTOMER will be informed and the estimated time for manufacturing the order will be reflected in the contract under optimal conditions. And it will also be informed of the changes that may arise without prior notice in the production of the merchandise.








U.D. ALERATNI  carries out a production advice, following the indications of the project approved by the CLIENT and the contracted manufacturing order. It will search among its Indonesian suppliers, the right manufacturer for the production of each merchandise. With the best quality / price ratio and to successfully complete the production project demanded by the CLIENT.   




# It is the customer’s obligation to take out production insurance that covers possible incidents in

the manufacture and production of the merchandise. As well as the delay in the payment of the balance or not paying this balance to the CLIENT.

# Cost and amount of this insurance that will be contracted by the CLIENT, at the beginning of the order / order


# Form of payment at the start of production Transfer to the company’s bank in Indonesia. U.D. ALERATNI The cost of the transfer is paid by the CLIENT .  




# U.D. BALIMEMBELI is the Indonesian company contracted for manufacturing monitoring.   

Promptly informing of the pace of manufacture, use of appropriate materials, etc.   




# U.D. BALIMEMBELI is the Indonesian company contracted for the quality control of the final product. And if the CUSTOMER needs it to claim any incident in the manufacture, shipment or arrival of the container, a final report is sent.  




# C.V. WISNU PRATAMA JAYA is the Indonesian company that will provide all kinds of certificates, testers, etc. According to the merchandise contracted by the client and the documents required   

www.soivre.org  in Europe. Or in any other country in the world those that are required. 


These last sections PRODUCTION of the GOODS



They are very important in this phase of the manufacture of the merchandise. 

The CLIENT has an added guarantee that his merchandise is manufactured in the best quality / price conditions. 

The merchandise would never leave Indonesia without the OK of the CUSTOMER 




C.V. WISNU PRATAMA JAYA is the operator in charge of: From the contracting of the container to the international forwader. Collection of merchandise between suppliers and manufacturers in Indonesia. Local transportation between islands. Packaging of the merchandise. Package list. Loading of the merchandise in the container. Processing of Export Documents. Customs. Fumigation. Sanitary whistle. Indonesian Legal Wood Certificate. FLEGT. Certificate of origin. Texter (Tester). Export rates of other manufactured goods or merchandise. Bill of Lading. Etc. And any other document that the merchandise requires.

Or require customs at destination Worldwide destination.

No merchandise is sent in prohibited destination countries.


Delay of loading 

The merchandise into the container and shipping the container to the port of Surabaya in Indonesia. Estimated from 2 to 5 days depending on the size of the container and the type of merchandise.



100% before the merchandise leaves Indonesia.

Bank transfer of the company in Indonesia.   

The cost of the transfer is paid by the CLIENT   



At the container exit from the Indonesian port. The documents are processed between the different departments of the official agencies and customs of the Indonesian government, which are required from the merchandise and the container for export.  

Some documents in their process and depending on the month, may take longer than necessary to be issued by the Indonesian agencies. And it may be the case that the container arrives before

port at destination and the documents are not ready. To do this, a fax is sent to the customs agent at the destination and to inform that they are still being processed.      

The Indonesian CV WISNU PRATAMA JAYA company sends them once dispatched to the international forwarder and customs intern in the country of destination. www.tibagroup.com

The originals by Courier to the customs clerk and a scan by email to the CLIENT.  

# U.D. ALERATNI is not responsible under any circumstances for any incident in this phase. 



It is done once all the merchandise and the cost of the local and export charge have been paid. And the production or manufacturing insurance, if any. Goods Tester for Customs in Worldwide destination.

The container will be at the cargo terminal for loading the merchandise on the day contracted for it. 

If on this date the charge cannot be met due to the transfer and the total amount of the requested money not arriving. 

Each working day that the container passes in the cargo warehouse has an increase of 100 euros. 

And this incidence also affects the delay in the departure of the container from the port and the delay in sending the international freight by ship to the customer’s destination.  

# U.D. ALERATNI is not responsible under any circumstances for any incident in this phase. 



It’s Door to Door by boat 

and in container of 20 feet  40 feet and 40HC

U.D. ALERATNI puts at your disposal an International forwarder and customs intern based in almost every country in the world.  

For the shipment of the merchandise from the port of departure in Indonesia to the client’s destination in the world. Contracting and payment made to the international forwarder. 




There are several types of standard container. With heated chamber and others.

Note: All merchandise incidents occur in the container. We try to minimize these incidents as much as possible. The standard container can be in conditions up to + 80 degrees centigrade. During all the freight by ship and the transit in port in origin and destination and the shipment by truck to the client’s business in destination.




It will be estimated by the international forwarder and the shipping companies, the destination of the merchandise, etc. 

To Europe estimated 28 days onwards.

To America estimated 30 days onwards.

The international forwarder will inform the client promptly where the container is and the shipping time.



It is the customer’s obligation to contract insurance for the shipment of the merchandise and freight by ship.  

Normally the breaks, deterioration and defects caused in the merchandise, humidity, mold, occur inside the container and when the merchandise is unloaded.

Therefore, we ask the customer to take out insurance that broadly covers any damage caused during shipping and unloading. Normally this is contracted through the international forwarder.

# U.D. ALERATNI is not responsible under any circumstances for any incident in this phase. 



The Customs of any country in the world are authorized to inspect any merchandise, container  

and before presenting the documentation, it is impossible to provide that the Customs will determine.

All the goods that are sent have the certificate of origin in Indonesia, the payment of the fees for the products that demand it, packaging and special fumigation, etc. And all the necessary information so that there are no problems, no merchandise is sent that is prohibited in the destination countries. 

However, given the lightness with which they make decisions in customs, and that they are protected by law and the corruption that this entails.  

We ask the client and to avoid last minute scares and abuses upon the arrival of the merchandise, take out a comprehensive insurance that covers this possible inspection and incident. 

# U.D. ALERATNI is not responsible under any circumstances for any incident in this phase. 



International shipping by ship, insurance, customs at destination, etc. to be agreed with the contracted operator. 



THE CUSTOMER upon arrival of the container at destination, could have + doubts, or has not asked for this or the color of the Item,which was not appropriate. Or the measures were not adequate. Or the construction of the article was not requested. Or the manufactured has cracks caused in the container. Or have been incidents of any kind within the container. Or any other assumption

 # It does not give rise to any claim, in the Manufacturing Order the quality level is determined and it is contrasted with the CUSTOMER who gives his OK before leaving the merchandise. And it has been done in the manufacturing process: A purchase advice. A Production Logistics. A production follow-up. A quality control. Texter. The OK of the CLIENT. Before leaving the Merchandise. Everything necessary to successfully complete the production demanded by the client.   

# Or incidents in shipping by ship. Or in the container. Or the merchandise has arrived in bad 

Conditions, Broken and damage. Moisture and mold. Or any other assumption. Occurred inside the container. 

Note: All merchandise incidents occur in the container. We try to minimize these incidents as much as possible. The standard container can be in conditions up to + 80 degrees centigrade. During all the freight by ship and the transit in port in origin and destination 

and the shipment by truck to the client’s business at destination. THE CUSTOMER has insurance for the merchandise he has contracted and has to claim the incident from the company. And with the original packaging.   

# THE CLIENT   can claim the provider or operator to the insurance or to whom it is competent. 

# U.D.ALERATNI is not responsible under any circumstances for any incident in this phase. 



All items are handcrafted, semi-industrial; by carpenters, cabinetmakers, stonemasons, glaziers, carvers, etc. And in their conditions and jobs to be able to develop this activity. And decent wages. We do not work with suppliers who hire children or slaves and buy raw material from illegal logging or theft.

# UD. ALERATNI is not responsible under any circumstances for any incident in this phase. 




All products with new tropical woods, such as Bankirai, Teka, Merbau, Majohogany, Suart, etc. Its oils are natural repellants against any insect attack. So it is quite difficult rot damage. The high quality of new tropical plantation wood is dried between 12% to 20% humidity, depending on the wood and the fats and oils. 

And as long as we have time for that drying and it depends on the wood, the thickness, volume, not all woods have the same drying time.  

Normally the process of adaptation of wood and some furniture (on the table, cabinet walls and some more) is 2 years and the appearance of humidity, cracks, etc. is possible. At that time. The appearance of these cracks or dampness is due to the phenomenon of natural adaptation of wood to atmospheric agents, humidity or dryness, difference in temperature, heating, environmental and dynamic conditions, etc. in the destination countries or inside the container. And in the placement in the houses.

The finish or varnish applied in the factory can also produce lumps or any other incidence in the shipment by ship. The container is for a month or more in the port of origin and destination and in the journey of the ship. The furniture or any other item inside the container. They are exposed to high temperatures of + 80 degrees, humidity, molds and other incidents in the freight by ship and in the ports. 

Possible cracks or dampness or mold caused by shipping by container do not constitute a defect in the article or manufacture. Therefore, you cannot claim for it. The merchandise leaves origin with a quality control and the OK approval of the CLIENT . Merchandise would never leave Indonesia without Customer’s OK. If any type of incident occurs on arrival and during transport, the merchandise insurance pays for its rehabilitation. 

The factory can provide a rehabilitation kit in the container to solve these cases and the client will be informed before manufacturing, which is the appropriate wood to avoid these defects as much as possible. New wood moisture. It may take time to release it and it depends on the country where the merchandise has gone. 

Recycled and old woods

All furniture made with this type of wood is already very dry and cracks do not appear due to adaptation like new wood, but the surface of the wood, because it is old or recycled, may have grooves, patches or not be smooth enough. This does not constitute an article or manufacturing defect. Quite the opposite is the beauty of this wood. Depending on which part of the furniture this wood is needed, mixed with the new one. 

Natural fibers

All products with Rattan, bamboo, coconut, palm, banana and endless natural fibers have their adaptation, oxidation, etc. In destination countries. Therefore, they do not constitute defects in the article or manufacture. 

Natural Varnishes

Color undergoes transformations over time due to the environmental and dynamic conditions to which the item is exposed. The change in color does not constitute a manufacturing defect. For which a good maintenance of furniture and decoration is recommended. 



For construction materials, decoration or outdoor furniture, there are many hardnesses and are exposed to natural wear or cleaning with very abrasive products. Therefore, they do not constitute defects in the article or manufacture. 

Synthetic rattan

We work with polypeel threads (not Chinese resin) from the VIRO – CYRO brand and others, with a 3/5 year warranty from the manufacturer of the material in the color and the deformation of the material.


We work with cottons, polyester, rayon, batik, silks, and toilet proof with the best quality / price ratio.

Other materials Aluminum, metal, glass, always with the best quality / price ratio.

GUARANTEE The guarantee of the manufacturers of any of the products manufactured, the production and its manufactured products, are supported by a quality control of each of the operators, a follow-up of the manufacture, quality control by BALIMEMBELI company and the Ok of the CLIENT. We work with suppliers who guarantee us and are responsible for both the origin of the raw material and the manufacture of the article, as well as a quality control of the finished product. To enjoy the guarantee of the products, you only need the purchase invoice. And to proceed with its collection it must be packed in the same conditions in which it was delivered. 

# U.D.ALERATNI is not responsible under any circumstances for any incident in this phase.   

We work and strive to offer the client the full guarantee and with the best quality and price ratio agreed in the project 



Upon receiving the product, if you are not satisfied, you have the right to return it within 7 calendar days, in the perfect original packaging. Returns of assembled items are not allowed, when the assembly is irreversible. So we recommend checking if the order is correct before mounting it. Returns of custom made items, on demand, personalized items in color or motifs are not allowed. As well as the problems of adaptation of tropical wood to the destination countries. Since most of our furniture is varnished or lacquered by hand, we do not guarantee the similarity of the finish of the furniture, also the indicated measurements may differ in millimeters, therefore no changes or returns will be accepted for this reason. 

In all cases there is an estimated 10% margin. Production or manufacturing insurance. A quality control and monitoring of the production and timely information to the client before the merchandise leaves the factory in Indonesia. Insurance of the merchandise sent by container and international freight by container ship. The cost of shipping the item to the origin in Indonesia is borne by the customer.



In no case U.D. ALERATNI , which is an agent that contracts for the CLIENT the order that it demands among Indonesian suppliers. Is responsible under no circumstances for any incident in the manufacture of the merchandise, the order contracted by the client, the production list, the shipment, the manufacturing order, the monitoring and quality control, the packaging of the merchandise, container loading at the cargo terminal in Indonesia, customs inspection in Indonesia, damages, payments, debts, deliveries, loss, land and sea transportation, damage caused by the use or improper handling of the merchandise itself, customs inspection at destination etc.     

To do this before leaving the factory goods: there is a Manufacturing and Materials Warranty. A purchase advice. A production follow-up. A quality control. Container insurance on merchandise and international freight. A good end everything necessary to bring production demanded by e l CUSTOMER .

Therefore, is the CUSTOMER who has to claim these incidents, if any, to the competent operator: Factory, insurance, international freight, carrier at destination, etc.  The CUSTOMER will be responsible for verifying that the furniture or merchandise fits in the elevator shaft or the staircase, or in any space where it was intended, otherwise, U.D. ALERATNI will not be responsible for it and the possible expenses. It would have to have foreseen it and indicated, to make the disassembled piece of furniture, if it gave rise. However, in all cases we can assist in solving problems that may arise. 

In case of dispute they will be governed by Indonesian laws, for production. And the shipping, insurance and customs by the laws of the country of destination of the merchandise.  


The information that the client sends us about his project, catalogs that appear on the web and more information that we could send us, has his rights of design, manufacture, etc. Therefore, it is confidential information that can only be used by the client and the U.D. Aleratni company.  


In summary 

A personalized relationship of commercial collaboration. To carry out the production that the client demands.

Hoping that it is of your interest, we thank you for your time. 




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