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# THE CUSTOMER  has to present his project report. List of needs. Briefing. Style and idea. Blueprints. Etc. It must be accompanied by drawings, plans, reference photos, your blueprint, etc. With the appropriate notes and observations, style, description, measurements, finish, quantity, etc. 

U.D. ALERATNI  advises and helps you in the development of this list or draft.  Everything you need to make a first quote for the merchandise and the project.


U.D. ALERATNI  will make a quote for these items (FOB Indonesia price) where they will be specified: Photo, quantity, description, material, volume (cubic meters of the item) unit price, total price. Currency exchange. And optional or additional information if necessary. 


The quotations are FOB the merchandise in Factory in Indonesia. Marked by the Indonesian company. U.D. ALERATNI  Our prices are not binding and may vary depending on the quotations of the currency and other factors of production, manufacture, or rise of the natural raw materials with which we work.


The final CIF cost. It is a% more than the FOB price.   And it will be offered by the other operators of the order (local charge, customs and export in Indonesia, international freight of the container by ship, Import and customs at destination, insurance, etc.) And it varies according to: Project, container volume, final destination, cost of the merchandise, import taxes in the destination countries and other factors.

# A grand total estimate of the final CIF price of the merchandise at the CLIENT’s destination.


U.D. ALERATNI will  send the quotes and costs issued by each operator:  

C.V. WISNU PRATAMA JAYA: cargo and export costs in Indonesia. Production logistics

U.D. BALIMEMBELI: Quality control, production monitoring..

FORWARDER. Container ship freight. Import and CUSTOMS costs in the destination country. 



If THE CLIENT agrees with the quotes sent, the budget, the costs, the conditions and the terms of manufacture and sale. Etc.

The manufacturing order and budget document itself approved by  the  CLIENT  with the Indonesian company  U.D.ALERATNI  It would be the contract for the manufacture of the merchandise with Indonesian suppliers. U.D.ALERATNI  is just an agent and advisor in Indonesia. That provides a service to the CUSTOMER for contracting with Indonesian suppliers the order demanded by THE CUSTOMER on the quality / price scales contracted in the manufacturing order. 




 # The  CUSTOMER has his time to make the decisions he deems appropriate, until closing the production list and manufacturing line, design. Etc.  

# THE  CUSTOMER has to bear in mind that Indonesian suppliers and manufacturers need their time to manufacture what is demanded. This is a slow country and it is made to measure and artisan   

# Once the 50% deposit of the merchandise has been made and the contract and manufacturing order closed. And start of production.  THE  CUSTOMER may have some doubts about the decisions he has made or make changes to the order / order. They will be taken into account by UDALERATNI But the costs of these new decisions on the merchandise already contracted will be paid by the CLIENT       

# Annexes to the order / order to the contract already closed, which were left in the inkwell and to close the volume of occupation of the merchandise in the container. They are well received. 

# We do not want and we admit last minute rush of the  CLIENT . As they say in slang and clearer than anything. Have you come before, to place the order….

 # The estimated manufacturing time of the production of the merchandise is reflected in the contract and order / order of manufacture of the merchandise. And it may vary without prior notice, due to  uncontrolled incidents .

U.D.ALERATNI  Under no circumstances assumes its costs, its loss of time in manufacturing, completion of the order, will be quoted and paid for the new changes made by the CLIENT . Which will be included in an annex to the order / order or contract. The deposit is not returned. Any assumption will be borne by the CLIENT .   

# The CUSTOMER upon arrival of the container at destination, could have + doubts, or I have not asked for this or the color of the Item, was not appropriate. Or incidents in the shipment by ship. Or in the container. Either the merchandise has arrived in bad condition OR any other assumption. It does not give place. No Claim, since it has been made in the development of the project, in the manufacture and before the merchandise leaves: A purchase advice. A Production Logistics. A  production  follow – up . A quality control. A laboratory tester of the merchandise. An insurance of the merchandise. And timely information on the entire process. The OK of the CLIENT .

Everything necessary to successfully complete the production demanded by the client in Indonesia.

And  before the merchandise leaves.

U.D.ALERATNI is  not responsible under any circumstances, because it is not its responsibility. It is not a manufacturer. It is not insurance. It is not a provider. It is not a shipping company. It is not a Customs. He is not a customs clerk. Etc. The CLIENT can claim the provider or operator to the insurance or to whom it is competent.   




It is by container of merchandise manufactured or produced. And it takes a

Deposit:  Upon acceptance of the order / order for the manufacture of the merchandise and the budget presented by  U.D. ALERATNI 

THE CUSTOMER has to enter 50% of the value of the contracted merchandise. For the start of production. 

Balance: After quality control and before the merchandise leaves Indonesia. And the CLIENT’s OK 50% of the contracted merchandise. 

In both cases Bank transfer of the company in Indonesia . U.D.ALERATNI 

The cost of the transfer is paid by the CLIENT .

The import / export payment format is governed by international trade agreements between countries.


# For large orders of + a 40 ‘container = 60 m3 or several 20’ = 30 m3, a payment guarantee deposit is required by the  CLIENT.  Estimated in a value of the merchandise of a container.


# If the cancellation is made at the beginning of production and after signing and acceptance of the Manufacturing order, the deposit is not returned.

# If the cancellation is made at the end of production, the client has to pay the full balance of the Contracted.

# For large orders of + a 40 ‘container = 60 m3 or several 20’ = 30 m3.

It will be charged off the payment guarantee deposit.


# The production of the order begins once the deposit of 50% of the value of the merchandise is received and its manufacturing delay is at least 40 days onwards and depends on many factors: The m3 of volume of the merchandise. The contracted Production phases. The quantity and type of merchandise, the month of the year in which the order is produced, (there are months that factories have more work than others), Waiting list at the factory. The manufacturing process of the merchandise, the time of manufacture of the article, the processing of the materials, the drying of the wood, etc. Other causes of the project or exceptional,

# The CUSTOMER will be informed and the estimated time for manufacturing the order in optimal conditions will be reflected in the contract. And it will also be informed of the changes that without prior notice may arise in the production of the merchandise.


U.D.ALERATNI  carries out a production advice, following the indications of the project approved by the CLIENT and the order / contracted manufacturing order. It will search among its Indonesian suppliers, the right manufacturer for the production of each merchandise. With the best quality / price ratio and to successfully complete the production project demanded by the CLIENT. 


# The client will take out production insurance that covers possible incidents in the manufacture and production of the merchandise. As well as the delay in the payment of the balance or not to pay this balance to the  CLIENT.

# Cost and amount of this insurance that will be contracted by the CLIENT , at the beginning of the order / manufacturing order. 

# U.D. BALIMEMBELI  is the Indonesian company in charge of processing this insurance.

# Form of payment at the start of production Transfer to the company’s bank in Indonesia.  UDALERATNI  The cost of the transfer is paid by the CLIENT


# U.D. BALIMEMBELI  is the Indonesian company contracted for manufacturing monitoring. Promptly informing of the pace of manufacture, use of appropriate materials, etc.  


# U.D. BALIMEMBELI  is the Indonesian company contracted for the quality control of the

Final product. And if the  CUSTOMER needs it to claim any incident in the manufacture, shipment or arrival of the container, a final report is sent.


The ports of entry in the world. They are governed by a common customs office. All merchandise is regulated by the control testers required.

# U.D. BALIMEMBELI  is the Indonesian company that will provide all kinds of certificates, testers, etc. According to the merchandise contracted by the client and the documents required   in Europe. Or in any other country in the world those that are required.

These last sections PRODUCTION of the GOODS


They are very important in this phase of the manufacture of the merchandise.

The CLIENT has an added guarantee that their merchandise is manufactured in the best quality / price conditions.

# The merchandise would never leave Indonesia without the OK of the CUSTOMER

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